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Terms & Condition

Users / visitors to this website/portal and every other third party is hereby informed that the proprietors of this website/portal Phoenix Capital Private Limited, the Company, are not the agents, brokers, liaisons or intermediaries of any insurers, whose products are dealt within this website/portal nor has the authority to brokerage insurance products depicted in this website.

Phoenix Capital Private Limited is also not the sub-agents or sub-intermediaries of the agents and intermediaries of the corresponding insurers. The website/portal only deliberates to make appropriate comparisons between insurance products, quotes, features, etc., based on the information provided by the insurers or its agents or intermediaries through facilitation of necessary information to the users/visitors or the third party of this website/portal.

This website is solely for information and communication purpose on the insurance products provided by the insurers and Phoenix Capital Private Limited shall not be held liable for the accuracy and validity of the information provided by such insurers which is depicted in this website/portal. The information regarding expected returns and bonus rates are estimations based on current bonus rates which are subject to change at any time. These do not reflect actual bonus rates the policy provides but provides a rough estimation only.

It is hereby cleared that Phoenix Capital Private Limited, its directors, shareholders, officers and employees and ebeema.com are in no way responsible to or liable for any one for his/her investment decision, and every prospect/investor/policyholder shall be solely responsible for the consequences of his/her decision as investment in insurance products which are subjected to certain risks. The users/visitors or the third party are advised to make an independent risk assessment of the product/s they are investing in through thorough study and required consultation on every aspect of such investment. Information provided in this website/portal shall in no way be construed as solicitation or advertisements of products enlisted herein. Phoenix Capital reserves the right to contact the users of this website/portal as per their submitted contact request and details.